just completed forms of government

greetings everybody just completes memorizing the forms of governance

now gonna repeat it 3 times and make it fit in my brain forever

next revision will be tommmorow


GMM12 - Day 31

It's been an interesting month. I'm in line with Josh's timeline for the challenge.

Deck of Cards in less than 20 minutes
3 Decks of Cards in less than an hour
200 numbers in less than an hour

Hey, I'm a Quartermaster of Memory. Smile


GMM12 - Day 10

I had a pretty good day today. On Monday and Tuesday I worked on-site, so no memory training. I've been spending about 1 hour a day doing the events and another 15 or 20 minutes practicing in various ways. One of the best practicing I've done is getting back to basics and scanning the cards to increase speed of recognition. I go through 3 decks with loci and PAO several times without memorizing. I've been getting a little more in tune with my intuition on recall. Sometimes now it's too much trouble to verbalize the mnemonic and I just name the card itself when recalling.

Mental Gadgets

Daniel Coyle who wrote The Talent Code had an interesting blog post recently about a kid who wore googles with the bottom half of the lense darkened to help him practice dribbling basketball. He also mentions a couple more simple yet effective homemade devices that people use to increase their skills.

I am no Superman. But I can memorize a deck of cards in less then 20 minutes and tell you what the 23rd card is!

I started learning about memory improvment in 2010. I was on youtube and saw something interesting while looking for help with math (cause I suck at it) I saw a PBS or CBS special report on some old white guy who could memorize a deck of cards, names, and other random stuff. I was stunned at his ability. I thought he was some kind of freak show. So I begain to research. I found the school of phenmi...however you spell that memory. I read the entire instruction book in one sitting, a huge deal cause I don't read that much.

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