Binary Numbers You Can See (Expanded)


In Dominic O'Brien's book, BRILLIANT MEMORY, on page 143, there is a list of eight different groups of 3 digit binary numbers.

For my own amusement, I decided to look at each individual group and see what IMAGE it would share with me.
Before I actually looked at the groups, I thought about different images the binary number 0 and the binary number 1 could be. The ONE (1) could resemble a fence post, golf club, bowling pin (think hard), etc. The ZERO (0 ) might be a person's head, wheel, ball and so on it goes.

Recent thoughts on memory

I've been working through some self-made memorization challenges to better learn how to use the loci method to memorize text. Here are some insights I've gained over the last few weeks

When faced with a multiple choice exam, wich is the best way to go?

When faced with a multiple choice exam. With questions so diverse, from manny different subjects like geography, history and law.. is it just better to link my images?, i mean, the answer is right there waving at me. ive got little time tu study and a buch of things to memorize. I guess if i only skip positioning every image in a memory palace that would save me so much time, what do u think?

Day 14 -- Resolution

Date seconds/# (% wrong); Deck (# wrong)
1/14/12 3.5 sec (3.9%); 4:26 (2)

I also checked how long it took me to go through my pack of cards and visualize them: around two and a half minutes. It shouldn't take that long -- just recalling images may be the biggest thing slowing me down. My second deck, again, was one and a half minutes faster and had two less wrong than the first.


GMM12 - Day 44

Well I've completed the January requirements per the schedule Josh worked up. I did 300 numbers and lowered my single deck time by 9% to 3:39. I had already completed memorizing 3 decks of cards.

I was attempting 4 decks of cards and right in the middle of it, I had the clear thought, "I never want to do this again." Luckily I got over that feeling, but I'm not pushing too hard on that right now. I plan to spend the rest of this month doing speed cards and speed numbers until I feel like marathoning again.

Day 13 -- Resolution

Date seconds/# (% wrong); Deck (# wrong)
1/13/12 4.2 sec (4.7%); 4:34 (2)

The set of loci does not make a significant difference: I just memorize faster the second time through. (Faster by a minute-ish or with half as many mistakes.) I want to isolate what it is that makes the second time faster than the first. Of course, I'll try the same thing as today tomorrow and the day afterwards. After that I'm going to try reviewing images, loci, recall of images in loci, and placement of images in loci to isolate what makes the second time faster.

Card Shuffling Machine

I've been working on my card images for the past two days. I'm at 1:16 with just visualizing the card images in random order (not memorizing them). It's getting much smoother and I think it will get faster once I drop the vocalization.

Two things that are slowing me down are:

Dominic System

working on my first 00-99 images! Laughing out loud I'm so excited to get going. This is what I have so far..

00- Ozzy Osbourne-tatooing
01- Orange Antelope -jumping through hoops
02- Orlando Bloom- swordfighting
03- OC times singers- singing
04- Old Dragon- breathing fire
05- Oedipus- (doing explicit things)
06- Oliver Sacks- analyzing minds
07- Original Gangster- shooting
08- Oscar Hammerstien- Playing Piano
09- Onyx- throwing rocks
10- Autistic Ostritch- hugging
11- Atom Ant- Shrinking
12- Astro Boy- flying
13- Anti Christ- burning
14- Achmed Deadterrorist- killing

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