Speed cards - journal entry 2: Pressing the time


I've been working on speed cards for a while now, though I had a pause for a while because I received LOTS of school assignments. But anyways, I've improved in so many ways!

Firstly, I've been practising my PAO-system a lot by trying to see my images as fast as possible. Works like a charm!

Secondly, I've been doing this thing that Jonas von Essen told me about; Grabbing 18 cards and memorize them really, really fast. That way you practise both your PAO-system, and your speed of your memorization. It's really effective and have improved my time by horse lengths.

Speed Cards - journal entry 1: some of my progress and of couple of tips!

Hi guys!

As I mentioned in my introduction post in this forum, I use memory techniques as a part of my school project. Right now, I'm focusing on the deck memorization and I'm really pushing the time.
two months ago, i started out with the worthless time of 13m 56s, with 30 errors. I then worked on this when I could find the time(I have a lot to do in school). So i practised like 1-2 times a week(some weeks I couldn't find the time), and now my personal record lies on 2m. 59s.!

Memorized All 50 U.S. States In Alphabetical Order

So I just memorized all 50 U.S. States in alphabetical order. I used the link, and substitution methods that I learned from Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas from "The Memory Book." This is a huge feat for me as well as a confidence booster, and I thought I would share it with everyone here. Now on to more challenging memorization. Big smile

Day 9 -- Resolution

I made my first New Year's resolutions ever this year: to have less goals, and to be more dedicated to the goals I do have. I have decided upon two goals: to get better at my job (teaching French and English), and to practice meditation/take lay vows.

Memorization, I've decided, can help me with both of my goals, and so will be a useful tool. To practice it, I've begun memorizing numbers and cards. I finished a 00-99 PAO system, and begun practicing.

I've been measuring my rates of memorization by seconds/number and minutes/deck. Here are the days for which I have data:

GMM12 Day 17

Still at it. I set a personal best on a deck of cards with 4:00 and 92% of 2 decks in under 12 minutes. Not doing well at 200 numbers right now. I'm flipping a lot of sets of numbers in their loci eg getting 8251 for 5182. I'm using the Major System and it's putting heavy use on those one hundred images. It's funny that using the images every day has affected my Day of the Week stuff since part of it depends on a secondary system based on the Major System.

Shuffled Deck of Cards Memorization: PAO - Days 6,7,8,9:

OK, ... a long time elapsed - All of August, September, October, and most of November - and I finally got back to memorization of a deck of cards.

Spent at least 3 days since thanksgiving on card memorization. First two days, my times were 36 minutes and 36 minutes. These were way up from my 26 minute record. However, on day 3, I did it in 20 minutes. and yesterday, it was done in 18 minutes.

Now I am using the old fashioned PAO - So, I need 17 + 1 locations. Earlier I was trying my own modified PAO.

Mental Gadgets

Daniel Coyle who wrote The Talent Code had an interesting blog post recently about a kid who wore googles with the bottom half of the lense darkened to help him practice dribbling basketball. He also mentions a couple more simple yet effective homemade devices that people use to increase their skills.

Memorizing the long poem "The Kasidah of Abdu El Yezdi" by Sir Richard Francis Burton

In the first place (no pun intended Wink ), thank you Josh for sharing this wealth of information! You've inspired me to use mnemonic techniques for many different fields of knowledge (rather than just for what i had originally intended, i.e: the memorization of poetry).

My Deck Memorizations (Updatable) 12/12/2011

-> 15-11-11 My time was 11:05.72 -Today I memorized my first complete deck, with 0 mistakes, this time is much more then the 5 min. but I think I can improve. I used 52 images for 52 points.
-> 20-11-11 My time was 6:47.44 - 0 mistakes, In the last days I just kept looking at the cards to enhance your images,Thanks to Dale for the hint.
-> 22-11-11 My time was 6:52.21 - 0 mistakes, I think I would get in under 6:20, but my brother just came to talk with me during memorization and I disconcentrates for a few seconds.

An easy approach to memorize the list of prime numbers less than 10000 (all 1229 of them).

Suppose you have a list of 100 people representing numbers 00 -> 99 (You do, if you are following Dominic Method or PAO).

Then, you need to remember only 4 words per person. Each of this word is 1 to 6 syllable long.

You need four words per person, because a prime number can end only with one of the 4 digits - 1,3,7 or 9. The first two digits of a prime number identify which "person" it will be associated with. The last digit identifies which word it will be.

For example, all prime numbers between 3800 and 3899 belong to MF = Morgan Freeman.

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