Help For: Memory Palace & PAO Training

I have just a few questions about making a Memory Journey and PAO training
First, is it necessary to have your person interacting with it's locci? I found that most locci that I used that were in a rather vague area instead of being linked to a specific object were difficult to recall later on. Has anyone else encountered this issue? It would be helpful to have any tips on making memorable journeys since at the moment it's difficult to consider making a hundred or even thousand step journey... Any help would be appreciated.

1000 Obj MS Cont'd

Here is the continuation of my previous blog post, 1000 Object Major System.

That one got too spacious for my liking; it took too long to scroll through it. You can look at it for the complete 1000 object list, a 120 number PAO list(00-99, 0-9, 0.0-0.9), the card system explained, and other stuff.

As with the preceding post, this will be a place for me to post updates about my way to a 3 decimal digit, 2 card block, 9 binary digit system.

How to practice techniques with JOB...?????

Dear all,

I am currently in a hectic job...and during day time I didn't get time to practice...I here sees that people are practicing 4-5 hours daily.
Could anyone suggest How I utilize my time in office for practicing memory techniques.



day 2 gmm training

greeting everybody



1 deck 7 min
2 errors

125 digits

lets hope some improvement in digits today

will post timing after doing it


starting Gmm training day 1

greeting everbody

from today going to start Gmm training

now i have completed all my required journeys ,dominic system and major system(upto 500)

lets see how it fares out

remaining this month i will do

5 min deck

2 deck

200 digits

Day 12 -- Resolution

Date seconds/# (% wrong); Deck (# wrong)
1/12/12 3.1 sec (7.8%); 5:26 (_)

I did make it through my deck once in 3:42, even flipping back to several cards to double check (bad habit). But, I had 8 wrong. If I had paced myself better while going through initially, I wouldn't have had to go back to check cards, and I may have had as good of a time. I'm going to have to start training with a metronome, bumping the ticks down until I can just memorize all the cards without errors and then a little faster.

GMM12 - Day 31

It's been an interesting month. I'm in line with Josh's timeline for the challenge.

Deck of Cards in less than 20 minutes
3 Decks of Cards in less than an hour
200 numbers in less than an hour

Hey, I'm a Quartermaster of Memory. Smile


GMM12 - Day 10

I had a pretty good day today. On Monday and Tuesday I worked on-site, so no memory training. I've been spending about 1 hour a day doing the events and another 15 or 20 minutes practicing in various ways. One of the best practicing I've done is getting back to basics and scanning the cards to increase speed of recognition. I go through 3 decks with loci and PAO several times without memorizing. I've been getting a little more in tune with my intuition on recall. Sometimes now it's too much trouble to verbalize the mnemonic and I just name the card itself when recalling.

Dominic System

To start out i set myself some goals in order to retain focus:

1) Being able to retain the full names of every person i meet in less then 10 seconds.
method: tbd

2) Being able to retain numbers up to 20 characters long in less then 10 seconds.
method: dominic system

I just started out a few days ago training myself the dominic system to be able to retain numbers. I am still working on completing the list and started playing with it, by recalling the persons attached to numbers when reading license plates, home numbers, etc...

GMM12 - Day 1 of Group Training

I stressed accuracy today which is where I'm weakest. I improved in every event with slightly slower times. I went through the 2 decks twice during the timing and went through single deck 3 times. I tried four times but it was actually less accurate for some reason. I don't know if this strategy will result in faster times with more accuracy or not. I guess with the extra review 10 decks will take longer per deck than 2 decks.

I would have gotten 100% in 100 numbers if I hadn't switched two images in two loci which might become more of a problem with more numbers.

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