May I have some help with a mental library?

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May I have some help with a mental library?

Hello there everyone! My name is Sgt. Hermes, curently working towards the goal of becoming a Ltn.

But there is something that caught my attention.
In the army, we need to constantly keep an inventory of everything our squad has, needs or wil have, everything must be at hand and I must be read to give a full report to my superior officers.
I spoke to some HR officers and they say that it is just easier to keep everything on a notebook and just keep it updated, but I think we could put our brains into some work here! And thats great because the greatest asset a soldier has is his mind and rifle.
So I came here, to ask for this wonderful comunity, that surely has wayyyyy much more experience than I do, to help me into creating a logical and straight foward way of keeping the tracks of everything, because the main problem here is not to create loci, or to remember them, the problem is how to keep track of 1000+ loci without cramming the head with loads of information.

I thought of buying a notebook and just writing down some descriptions of those loci and then creating a bigger picture, where I could point out some big stuff, just to keep a track of where are minor things....
What you guys think about it?

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