Memory Competition Training

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Memory Competition Training

I used to memorise one deck of cards in nearly 1 min 10s when I first came to know about memory competitions last year using a simple 1 Image to 1 card technique. But at that time, I had a lot of free time on my hand and I was training only the cards because they were the easiest and most fun to memorise.

I had not yet touch the number, binary, face and other memory systems. It's been nearly 3 months since I last touch a deck and I'm sure I've forgotten or mixed up some images for the cards.

This time I'm thinking of getting back to basics and rebuild my entire mnemonics system so as to get ready for the first competition next year in March, the Welsh Competition.

I don't have much free time but I'm willing to spare any free time I have on my hand and devote it to training. I've been reading up on training sessions by different memory athletes.

I know Nelson trains 4 hours everyday and the chinese mnemonists trains 8 hours per day. Ben used to train about 2 hours on weekdays and the whole day during the weekends but now I think he is currently without any job, so I'm guessing he is devoting his entire time to memory training so as to regain his title.

Tony Buzan, the chap who created the World Memory Championships, recommended training 2 hours everyday for the WMC.

So I'm asking you guys, the competitive and serious memory athletes, how much time do you devote to your training and how do you divide up the training time between the different memory tests?

Do you practise your image memorisation training or do you go straight to the deck, number or binary memorisation?

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