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This group is for people who want to use mnemonic techniques for schoolwork, learning from textbooks, etc.

How to use memory techniques for high school

As a student, I have been told repeatedly that I have 'potential' but Im not using it by all my teachers. Using memory techniques, Ive been to progress only a bit and I have a number of problems involving this.
1) For example, my memory palace is my old school. How am I to differentiate between all the different classrooms as theyre all pretty much identical? And do I separate my palace into different places for different subjects or create new palaces?

LISTtwist! the key to a better memory

Hi, I've just become a member. I run a site called list-twist which I devised about two years ago. It provides long lists of facts that you can memorize very quickly for school and general education purposes. It's helped quite a few people so far.

Examples of hard to remember information for students

I was wondering if people had any examples of topics or specific examples of facts/info that students have to remember?? I would like to use mnemonics for them to show how mnemonics can be used. I would share my results with the group and try and start a discussion how best to use mnemonics.


Mnemonics for Medical School

I'm looking to compile memorization techniques for a web site I run for medical school studies. I won't spam the forum, but if you want to know my web site url, just send me a private message. The videos and articles here are great. I'll be linking here a lot!


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