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Who knew learning could be so much fun!

My name is Johnny Briones and I live in Colorado. I am the youngest American Grandmaster of Memory which I achieved at the age of 19 and I have broken some USA memory records. I have also been on the international game show Superbrain and a game show in the USA called SuperHhuman. I love teaching and helping people learn about memory improvement and memory techniques. It is always a sight to see when people realize they can do what I can do!

I have created a memory program that will teach you all the methods, techniques, and systems for learning all types of information. The program is nice because all the information is in one place, and I teach you in videos with detail examples. I am giving a discount on the program for any member of AOM because it shows you want to improve your memory!

Here is the link to my program:

I also made a memory competition program. In this program, you will learn the different systems, methods, trainings, and more! I do detailed examples to show you exactly how the method and systems work. I know how hard it is to figure out everything by yourself. you end up wasting a lot of time doing trial and error that's why I made this program to help you get on the right track.

You can check out my competition program here:

If you have any ideas about what to learn, I would love to hear them! I am always looking for new things to learn.


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Johnny Briones


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