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Simon Reinhard from Munich, Germany. 35 years old.

I am a memory athlete and the current no. 2 in the world (behind the formidable Johannes Mallow, greetings!).

I hold 7 memory world records, including 21.19 s for a deck of cards, 300 words in 15 minutes and 181 names and faces in 15 minutes.

I am a multiple Guinness World Record holder and currently appear with two of my records in the print-version Guinness Book of Records (section "memory records"). Since this section is in the international part of the book, it can be found in every version world-wide.

I regularly appear in German TV shows for memory related competitions/topics, which is always much fun.

Looking very much forward to XMT 2014 in San Diego! Nelson, you rock!

My tips to get better: Always train out of your comfort zone. Training for speed trumps training for accuracy because accuracy follows speed but not vice-versa.



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